Best Tablet Games

tablet gamesMany tablets have gaming apps making tablets handy consoles games a must have. Tablet games are on the rise and some of the best include:

Angry Birds

This is among the popular and downloadable game. The game is about some birds which are angry with some green pigs which had stolen eggs of the birds making these birds angry making the birds use slings to try and kill the pigs. This game is quite educational since it has changed how the gaming world includes physics. It has turned to be highly entertaining not forgetting addictive. The game is free and can be downloaded from the android market place.

Ping Pong Honeycomb

This is for people who fancy table tennis. Table tennis has already reached screens of android tablets and the game is an improvement of other classic versions. It is played with two rackets and a ball bouncing between. It comes with different modes which are single player, two players, Wi-Fi play and online play. Single player mode is where one player plays against the android tablet and has four levels from easy, medium hard and expert level. Two player modes allow two humans to play using a tablet. Wi-Fi mode involves playing with another tablet within a wireless zone. Online play allows one to play with other players from the world over.

Backbreaker THD

This involves football. It was created by Natural Motion which enables players to find pleasure and nerve wrecking and bone crunching football. It comes however comes with a little blow to pockets.

Need for Speed: Shift

This is now available on android platform market. It has enhanced screen space which makes turning and swerving an enjoyable experience. It is also available on other gaming platforms and is prevented by Electronic Arts.

X Construction Lite

It involves constructing whatever one wants. This is a simple not forgetting addictive and is moving up ladder in gaming. It garnered over 250, 000 downloads in the first week of its release and is thus considered as top notch.

There are a lot more favorite games android market offers. Try these games and you might just be surprised.

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