The Best Windows Tablets for your Needs

WindowsThe tablet is one of the most valuable pieces of electronic equipment on the market. Whether you want to do personal research or just kick backand play some games after work, the right tablet can open up opportunities for the customer. Thetop Windows 8 7-inch tablets can give you everything you want right at your fingertips.

The ASUS Transformer Book T100 is perfect for those looking to have a long-term surfing experience. This tablet is like having a laptop or personal computer. The Transformer Book has a long battery life making it perfect for those research projects or an afternoon of lounging on the couch. Microsoft Office software is preloaded onto the tablet, so if you need to check your emails it can be easily done from your home screen. For those people who need to type a paper or note, there is word. Unlike other tablets, this comes with a keyboard so it is like having a desktop computer.

The Asus VivTab Note 8 offers plenty of amenities for a unique tablet experience. This compact tablet features built-in storage for pressure sensitive stylus. Typingpapers or doing research projects can be easy because it comes with MS HomeOffice andStudent. This tablet is quite versatile, as you can hook up a keyboardand mouse via Bluetooth. You do not have to just spendtime online working on research papers. There ishookups to support Miracast for streaming to HDTV.Thanks to these features, it has helped make this tablet perfect for those transitioning from desktop or laptop computers.

If you are ready to graduate to a higher level of tablets check out the Dell Venue 11 Pro. This tablet is perfect for business thanks to a variety of work-oriented features including Windows 8.1 Pro, a removable battery and an array of docking solutions. An optional keyboard can help in your research and can add battery power. The tablet is built around a 10.8-inch screen and is quite thin measuring 7 by 11 by 0.4 inches. Be careful though, because the tablet weighs just under two pounds. The batterydoes not need that muchhelp with its life.The battery is built to last all day.

The top Windows 8 7-inch tablets can appeal to a wide variety of users. Whether it is simple gaming or helping your child with a research project, these allow you to have all the tools you need on the go. Know what to look for in a tablet and open up a new world of learning.

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